Demo 2013

by Big Bad Wolf

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released September 19, 2013

Engineered & Mixed by Chris Ross at CDR Studios
Mastered by Carson Slovak at Atrium Audio



all rights reserved


Big Bad Wolf New Jersey

Sean Vocals

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Track Name: Other People
Pushed into a corner, I'm forced to adapt.
Drowning in complacence, you live to distract.

My hell is other people,
I can't seem to get away.
My hell is other people
Madness is on display

Burning from the inside I'm dying to get out.
Narrow minds stretched far too wide you've pulled the strings I'm left with doubt

My hell is other people
I can't seem to get away
My hell is other people
Madness is every day.

Succumb to struggle but I fight to survive,
Numb and muddled i've never felt so alive.
Kick me when I'm down, I'll make my peace with the ground.
Safe, secure, resilient, assured.
Track Name: Suspension
A means of escape with a means to an end.
Patient and waiting there's just so much I can stand.
I'm spilling my guts like it's been out of style and relying on this to pull me out of my mind.

Suspended in nothing we watched what we love die.
We let it all crumble and I wish I could cry.
Do you know how it feels when it's pulled out from under?
Pushed to the side, now I can't help but wonder.

You kicked the chair, so I'm checking out.
No time for goodbyes and less patience for doubt.
I'm dead inside from this hell of a life.
We we're fucked from the start,
devoid and denied.

With luck like mine, how could you blame me?
Dragged through the mud when I thought this would save me.
The end of our time, it was the end of us all.
Pause at my headstone, forgotten and small.
Track Name: Trust Issues
I'm gonna fucking snap, I'm about to explode.
Frustrations in my brain and yeah, the "story's getting old".
I'm so sick, I'm so sick of you.
I'm sick and fucking tired of trying to get through.
Blind to the truth, you're born deaf to the world.
Ignoring warning signs as if "you never knew".
Surface level viewpoints and stupid opinions.
Idiotic impulse and swelled-head decisions.

Same old shit.

Bridges always burning, time and again.
The gears are always turning, still I called you a friend.
Always the victim, you're always pulling the strings.
You don't need a crowd when it's you in the ring.
You're so fucking clever but your act is so cheap.
Transparent existence and it ain't hard to see.
Tired of your shit, so I guess I've had enough.
I tried to be polite so now it's time to get rough.

Killing the silence, no more playing nice.
We've all agreed it's time to put you on ice.
Regression to the means so now you're fit for abuse.
Aggression in my teeth so now I tighten the noose.
Track Name: Disabled
I don't wanna know
I don't wanna see
I don't wanna feel
I don't wanna be.

Sick to death.
Hold my breath.
Hang my head.
Drag my feet.

Made myself a martyr.
You just drove me farther.
Depths I thought I'd never see
Familiar faces got the best of me.

I can hate myself enough for us both.
I don't need your fuckin' shit
Stubborn enough to exist on my own
I'll probably never fuckin' quit.